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Borneo Post – Medi Beaute Launches 360 V Lift Mask + Midas Touch

KUCHING (Aug 4): Homegrown spa Medi Beaute is back with a new product and service, 360° V Lift Mask + Midas Touch to firm, tighten and tone skin while getting pampered.

Walk into any Medi Beaute salons to get 360° V Lift Mask + Midas Touch as part of a facial session. When the natural plant-based mask dries, any ’emptiness bumps’ on the dried mask indicate parts of skin lacking collagen while dry cracks appear in areas lacking moisture.

With age, collagen which is naturally found in skin depletes causing sagging skin, wrinkles and dull skin tone. UV damage, imbalanced diet and bad habits like insufficient sleep, smoking and stress aggravate the condition.

After the mask is removed, a treatment machine called Midas Touch is used to re-energise, lift and firm the skin using 4-in-1 technology, radio frequency, muscle stimulation, infrared rays and cryo lift.

Treatment benefits are skin lifting, skin radiance and pores lifting. Midas Touch can also be used for body sculpting, body firming and reducing cellulite.

A customer enjoys Midas Touch treatment.

After the treatment, visible results seen is natural face lifting compared to face tape, nose clip and other strange face exercising tools.

The treatment seeks to empower people to regain confidence from inside out as they age and their body starts to change.

Medi Beaute which first opened its flagship salon in 2014 has grown to 15 locations and one flagship salon in Singapore.

It provides solutions for various skin concerns with its own research and development team coming up with effective treatment to meet customers’ needs.

These include facial, body, bust care, post-natal and hair removal.

In Kuching, Medi Beaute is located at Premier 101 (082-593322/017-2616322), Vivacity Megamall (082-263422/017-2615322) and Metrocity (082-536922/017-2618322).

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