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Redefining The Art of Lifting


12D HIFU - Ultimate lifting | increase elasticity | deep skin regeneration

Bojin – lymphatic drainage | luminosity | further lifting

Revolutionary first-ever power combo formulated by Medi Beaute that fulfils your ultimate desire of a perfectly lifted and glowing skin!

Medi Beaute invites clients to experience the transformative experience that transcends the ordinary and witness the effects of 12D HIFU + Bojin – a fusion of ancient traditions and modern science, all tailored for optimal lifting results. This facial treatment goes beyond the surface, working harmoniously to rejuvenate, lift, and redefine facial contours.

Clients can expect a revitalised and youthful appearance over time that reflects the perfect synergy of East and West. Be among the first to redefine the art of lifting and discover the magic that happens when tradition meets technology.

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Customer Reviews

Renowned beauty and wellness innovator, Medi Beaute, proudly introduces its latest facial treatment, the 12D HIFU + Bojin – a ground breaking fusion of Eastern traditional Chinese Bojin 拨筋 technique and cutting-edge fusion of Western technology, promising to redefine the art of lifting. This innovative treatment marks a significant milestone in facial lifting, offering clients a harmonious fusion of East and West for unparalleled results.

Bojin 拨筋:
The Art of Traditional Chinese Lifting

Bojin, 拨筋 in Chinese, translates to “scraping the tendons,” a traditional Chinese medical practice that has been used for centuries. In the context of facial treatment, Bojin involves the use of a triangular face brush and professional hand strokes to stimulate blood circulation, release tension, and enhance the natural contours of the face, emphasing a holistic approach to wellness. Medi Beaute’s skilled beauty specialists blend ancient Bojin techniques with modern insights to create a seamless blend of traditional wisdom and contemporary expertise, to provide a unique and rejuvenating experience.

Advancing the Science of Lifting

Complementing the traditional Bojin approach is the state-of-the-art 12D HIFU technology. High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound is a non-invasive procedure that targets deep layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production, resulting in firmer and lifted skin.

The 12D technology takes this to a new level, providing multi-dimensional precision for optimal results. This fusion of ancient wisdom and advanced technology sets the 12D HIFU & Bojin treatment apart as a truly unique and effective solution.

At Medi Beaute, we believe in pushing the boundaries of beauty. The 12D HIFU + Bojin treatment promises not just a facial lift but a journey towards ageless radiance. By harmonising tradition and technology, we redefine the art of lifting to deliver uncompromising and stunning results.


Trusted by Hundreds

Xue Nie Kee
Xue Nie Kee
All beauticians are professional, especially Melody and Cherry. Environment is nice and clean
Had an awesome experience with Melody. She's amazing! She understood my skin, did a skin test, and hooked me up with a personalized plan for cleansing and whitening. The next day, my face was like, "Wow!" Clear pores, brighter skin – I'm loving it. Melody's got the magic touch – so gentle and careful. If you go to Medi Beaute, make sure to ask for Melody! She's the best! 🌟
Suak Khim
Suak Khim
Iris&joey的服务很细心很nice 下次还会在来
Saidatul Misrim
Saidatul Misrim
iris service is very good..very friendly..and so nice😍😍😍
is adeq
is adeq
Good & Best,beautician MeLody🫡👍
chooi lan hoh
chooi lan hoh
My beautician Joey very take care of me, good service, very friendly, skill is excellent.
Chrys Tan
Chrys Tan
Great experience with Mede Beaute.
Aoi Miya
Aoi Miya
Got my facial treatment done here, overall I love the experience here. The staff was very friendly and the treatment was really nice. They also help to consult my skin concern and product ingredients that's suitable to use for my skin. Today also I've repeated another treatment with Ms Nico 🥰
Jacelyn Phua
Jacelyn Phua
Nice ambient environment with excellent services from Nicole, the beautician. She well explained to me where is my face issue and helped to resolve it.

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