What are your body goals? Improve the look and texture of your skin with a customized body treatment after all, no two individuals are the same. After a thorough consultation, your therapist will provide you with the best combination of products and services needed to achieve your chosen concerns.


Knows as the lunchtime procedure, Cold sculpting is an hour-long, painless fat reduction treatment that targets stubborn fat bulges in areas like abdomen, back, waistline and thighs. It uses extreme cooling temperature to kill off unwanted fat cells with no damage to surrounding body area. Once frozen, fat cells begins to shrink and die then naturally disposed from the body via the body’s lymphatic system.


Nearly all women are too familiar with the dreaded dimpled, orange peel appearance on our thighs, arms, stomach or rear. Even dedicated gym bunnies still plagued by cellulite. Our mash of treatments can help iron out and reduce the appearance of cellulite and sagging skin instantly.


Sometimes no matter how hard you die, or workout, there are still pockets of stubborn fat in odd places that refuses to budge.


The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system and a very important part of the immune system. Regular detox will help regulate and reset the lymphatic system by effectively draining out toxic build-up and impurities in the lymph nodes. This purification process will help increase metabolism and absorption of nutrients, thus reducing appearance of cellulite and keeping the weight off.


Stretch marks are fine, pinkish, purplish or white indented streaks formed during rapid growth or loss. Using radio frequency treatment and other machines to stimulate collagen production. Stretch marks are smoothened and lightened.


Breast health is every woman’s responsibility, regardless of size, shape or firmness. From Bust firming to bust enhancements non invasive option, attain a natural, healthy, firm bustline you’re happy with.


From waxing to IPL, let us provide you with a no fuss, no mess hair removal experience for silky-smooth, touchable skin that lasts.